What’s GLPI Network?

It’s GLPI with :

  • Advance Support (tier 3)
  • News and updates
  • Club for new features request
  • Local partners (in your language)
GLPI Network is a subscription based on GLPI project with support from the editor and a network of local partners helping you to get the better of GLPI.

For You.

GLPI Network is a tier 3 support on a well packaged distribution of GLPI for professional usage. This service includes warranty and service level agreement between Teclib, your IT integrator and your organization. Less time looking for the right setup, more for usage and high level services for your customers following ITIL and CMMI best practices.

For our partners.

GLPI Network is an opportunity to work with the GLPI team, improve your knowledge of the solution and avoid custom developments. With shared efforts, GLPI Network is the way for less specific plugins and patches for a stronger GLPI distribution. Through the GLPI Network alliance, each partner benefits the work of all to get a complete professional ITSM software.

For Us.

By subscribing to this service, you’re contributing financially to the GLPI project, making sure professionals take care of its constant development, sustainable growth and progress.

Our offers

To benefit from access to the GLPI marketplace without subscribing to a support service, click here.

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