# GLPI Agent Config Plugin This generate QR Code and Deeplink to automatically configure server informations in the GLPI Agent ## Configuration * You can define the inventory URL of your GLPI server * Login / password for SSO connection * Use TAG from active entity of user * Use specific TAG if needed * Asset type (Where to put the inventory): Computer or Phone * Display QR Code on central page * Display DeepLink on central page * Manage automatic inventory and frequency for android ![](https://services.glpi-network.com/documentation/1656/download_file/main/docs/screenshots/Configuration.png) ## Central page ![](https://services.glpi-network.com/documentation/1656/download_file/main/docs/screenshots/Central.png) ## Computer / Phone When a factory reset is performed on the phone, the serial number automatically generated by the agent changes You can use Deep Link / QR Code to configure the agent with the serial number previously generated and inventoried in GLPI. ![](https://services.glpi-network.com/documentation/1656/download_file/main/docs/screenshots/Asset.png) ## DeepLink | | | |:-------------:|:-------------:| | Go to GLPI with your device web browser, <br> click on the DeepLink | App will open and pre-fill the fields for <br> adding a server. Then add server. | | ![](https://services.glpi-network.com/documentation/1656/download_file/main/docs/screenshots/Deeplink.png) | ![](https://services.glpi-network.com/documentation/1656/download_file/main/docs/screenshots/ListserversFilledField.png) | ## QR Code | | | |:-------------:|:-------------:| | Open GLPI Agent on your device <br> Go to Advanced Settings > Open List Server > Add servers <br> Click on QR Code button, flash QR Code| App pre-fill the fields for adding a server. <br>Then add server. | | ![](https://services.glpi-network.com/documentation/1656/download_file/main/docs/screenshots/Listservers.png) | ![](https://services.glpi-network.com/documentation/1656/download_file/main/docs/screenshots/ListserversFilledField.png) | ## Contributing * Open a ticket for each bug/feature so it can be discussed * Follow [development guidelines](http://glpi-developer-documentation.readthedocs.io/en/latest/plugins/index.html) * Refer to [GitFlow](http://git-flow.readthedocs.io/) process for branching * Work on a new branch on your own fork * Open a PR that will be reviewed by a developer [[toc]]